Feb 032012

I was out’n’about last week, when one of my clients took me home.

about 10 mins after we got there, and was gettin’ down to biz, one of the windows blows in and there’s this guy in combat leathers waving a pistol around and shouting at my client.

blam. blam. blam. and it’s all over – my client’s dead and this bloke’s pointing his gun at me

just before he pulls the trigger, this sword comes through his chest and he makes this gurgling sound as he fell on top of me

i scrambled out from under, with some help from the swordguy – who’s in his own set of combat leathers

just as he starts talking to me, he gets a couple of bullets from outside and collapses to the ground.

so there i am, 3 dead bodies, pistols, blood, combat leathers, no id on anyone [apart from my client] and a smashed window…
…i did what anyone would’ve done – i grabbed what i could and legged it outa there !!