Feb 032012

I was contracted to do some bodyguard work a few weeks ago, for Lord G——- at a posh do at his out-of-town Country Estate.

We was driving from NuLondon to his Estate, when we got chased off the road by some Biker Boyz.
They pulled some heavy bangbang and trashed the car. I got out and started taking them down with my IWS Special, when I saw one of them start taking shots at Lord G.

He was only wearing a suit, but the bullets just didn’t take him out. As surprised as I was, the Biker Boy was even more surprised when Lord G took his head off with a sword cane.

Turns out his suit was made from that SpiderSilk armour, and he just got some bruising.

Maybe I’ll get one of them suits with the bonus I got from him for taking out the rest of the Biker Boyz.