Feb 032012

Fresh in town, but with a few noteworthy events under his belt.

His assistant, Mikael, arrives at the meeting points and sets up a little holo unit.
Shortly after, an amorphous blob of metal rezzes into place and starts talking to the client.

As it talks, the blob moves around and changes shape – responding to the client and what’s said.

When things are arranged, Mikael packs it all away and walks off with it.

Mikael is ex Russian special forces, and does not talk during the meetings.
Smartly dressed, with at least one concealed weapon, and the easy, fluid movement of someone able to handle themselves in a fight.
Why he’s silent , or working with/for Slippery Jim is a matter for much questioning.

Rumour has it that Slippery is physically unable to attend, that Mikael is actually Slippery, that he’s an ex-Company man in need of some cash.
Whatever the story, Slippery Jim has been contracted several times for data recovery, intrusion overwatch and information gathering with successful outcomes in each case.

He doesn’t take on work for or against the Big Companies, the Military, etc.
It’s not known if this is because one of them an ex-employer, because he wants to avoid repercussions, or simply because he can’t do the work.