Feb 032012

Specialised version of DataGlasses, which help with the repair and maintenance of any electrical or electronic device they have in their database, or interlink with.
They interlink with the device, providing diagnostic and repair help in the form of a display overlay that indicates parts, order to do things, highlights problems, provides technical information, enables testing and reviewing of results, etc.

They look like ordinary glasses, with the outside being the camera, the inside being the screen and the frame being the processor core and storage.
Pricewise, they have a Cost Level [Cheap] and are quite common with techies, repairmen, mechanics, builders, etc.
Assuming an average processor and a software Skill Rating [Mediocre], they provide a +2 enhancement to Success Rolls for repair, maintenance or building of common things.
Enhanced versions are available with Cost Level [Pricey], with Skill Rating [Competent] for a +3 enhancement to Success Rolls.