Feb 032012

I wuz on my way back from meeting my dealer, and took a shortcut through that scummy office tower. You know the one, with the tree growing inside it.

Anyways, there was this car crunched into the wall and bits of car and building all over the place. I checked the car over, but not even worths anything for scrap.

Inside was lots of blood and the driver was all squelchy, hunched in his seat like a sack o’ spuds. It was gross.
I wasn’t gonna go though his gear, not with all that blood. But just as I was making my mind up to leave, I saw this metal thing on his lap. I grabbed it and got out of there.

All wood, about 6″ to a side, with inlaid brass, it looks like it opens, but I couldn’t manage it. I took it to a Thirdman I know and sometimes do work for, to see if he could get any info on it, and maybe cut a deal to sell it. i reckon it must be worth something to a collector.

He must be laying low or out wheelin’ n’ dealin’, because I’ve phoned him a couple of times over the last few days – but he’s not got back to me.