Feb 032012

Welcome to the H&K PI-12.

A large, semi-automatic pistol specially produced for law enforcement officers around the globe.

As standard, it comes with :-
Palmlock hardware to prevent unauthorised people just picking it up and using it.
Burst fire as standard [5 bullets per trigger pull].
Carbon fibre body, for durability.
Tagged foam ammunition as standard, with a high capacity magazine – for reduced lethality and property damage.

Pricewise :-
They have a Cost Level [Pricey], but are unavailable to the general public.
An enhanced version is available with a DataSight installed, enabling weapon information to be displayed in the user’s field of vision and enhanced targeting.

Base Range is 2m, giving :-
short = 2-6m
effective = 7-12m
long = 13-20m
extreme = 21-30m

Note :-
Tagged foam ammunition is specially designed and manufactured for law enforcement use.
Each round is a highly compressed cylinder that expands to full size when fired, allowing the magazine to hold 50 rounds, a definite benefit in the field.
Each round deforms and compresses upon impact, causing bruising – but no lethal injury.
In addition, each round marks the target with indelible dayglo colouring and a tiny tracker beacon, so suspects can be identified and located after being shot.