Feb 032012

Welcome to the Peaceful Dreams Tearoom, our most excellent place for you to rest and watch the world go by.

Choose from our extensive range of teas, coffees and consumables from all over Asia – from Darjeeling to our special house blend, with its delicate jasmine flavour.

Should you so wish, our delightful and highly skilled staff can help you relax with a scented bath, massage and the services of one of our Geishas.
Their price may be high, but they will reward you with the delights of heaven and nature.

In other rooms, partake of the poppy and lose the hours to dreams and other realms, where you problems are far away and we will care for you.

Be warned, though.
The Tearoom is a quiet place, where people meet to discuss important matters, where manners and reputation are the currency of the influential.

Call again, soon.