Feb 032012

Slim, average height, young-old face, external lenses, cleanshaven, always seen in a plain black suit and dove grey gloves.
He has been known to carry a custom pistol, loaded with shredder rounds or arcane rounds.

He’s polite and quietly spoken, always has a plan and rarely takes direct action.

Rumoured to work for Department 5, Her Majesty’s weirdest, protecting the Empire from threats of all sorts.

Streettalk mentions him being an ex-policeman, ex SAS, ex-Corporate troubleshooter who was given the choice of work for Dept 5 or vanish because of something that he was involved in.

A master strategist, he’ll put things in motion and watch them come to fruition, without his pawns even knowing the real reason of why they did what they did.

He’s fond of testing likely candidates for recruitment, giving them work that deals with terrible odds, lack of information or lack of information, just to see how they react and to see if they warrant work that really protects the Empire.