Feb 032012

Named after the HG Wells story, it’s a mid-sized island in the indian ocean.

Bought by a consortium of very, very rich people, it’s now the nation of Moreau.

There are 5 oil rig like platforms about 20 km off the coast, roughly equally spaced around the periphery.

The platforms are multipurpose freeport, defence platform, tax haven, data haven, entertainment paradise centres.

Almost no-one is allowed visit the island, and almost no-one ever leaves the island to visit the outside world.

On the island, many people have taken the path of the bio-engineered, adopting forms and lives that allow them to live as they wish – as animal forms, with extended lives, new or augmented senses.

The consortium hold many patents for biotechnology and medical technology, which brings in much money every year, as well as the profits from the platforms.

Not everyone in the off-island world is happy with the experimentation, development, progress or lives of those on the island, but since they keep to themselves and don’t upset political balance, they are left alone and there’s not much anyone can do.