Feb 032012

From it’s plush Oriental carpets and tribal weaponry hung panelled walls to its customs and members, the Londinium Club maintains it’s air of peace and cosmopolitan-ness…
…Except when it doesn’t.

The original is sited in London, as it has been for centuries [abandoned now, with the move from the Old London to New London], but most major cities have a Londinium Club of their own – a place where members can rest, eat, meet, use the facilities or mingle with like-minded people from all over the world and all walks of life.

Because membership is open to anyone [subject to a few rules], it’s a good place to go for help…
…And the sight of the Club insignia on a stranger has been a boon many times, over the years.

Based on the private member clubs that flourish all over the world, this is another option to get people together and get them involved in things.