Feb 032012

Yeah, I got the goods – guns, knives, ammo, electronica, info, food, transport, floorplans, datarats, joygirls and joyboys – whatever you want.
If I ain’t got it, I know a man who does.

I don’t care who you are, the people I work with will only deal if you work with me.
Of course all my gear is good, how long would I stay in biz if it wasn’t ??

You haven’t got the cash ??
Well, you can owe me a favour – the more missing cash, the bigger the favour.

The big chaps with me ??
Oh, they’re just family. And you know how family takes care of its own.

So, you tell me what you want and hand over the eddies and I’ll set up the meet to get your toys to you.


Short, fat, sweaty. Chain smokes horrid smelling cigarettes. Always wears rumpled suits. Extremely well connected to everything that happens in the East End, either knowing about it or being involved in it.
Is rubbish at violence, so always has at least 1 bodyguard with him. Has eye implants, capabilities unknown.