Feb 032012

What can I say ??
My job is to keep you safe, but that means you do what I say, when I say it – when the shit hits the fan.
I’ll be there, quiet as you like. Or I can be loud and protective, in everyone’s face. It’s your choice.

References ??
5 years as head of Sony Executive Protection. Before that, 10 years in the Royal Marines. You name a combat zone and I was probably there.

The hand ??
Everyone wants to know about the hand >sigh< I made a million-to-one catch and put my hand in the way of a bullet meant for a client. Blew my hand all over the place, but I did save her. She was so grateful, she paid my medical bills and got me this sleek little replacement. I'm your protection, as soon as the money is in my account. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tall, slender, male, pale skinned, green eyes. Bionic right hand, with skinlink. Normally wears lightly armoured suit and thin gloves. Has a knowledge skill processor. Has overlaylink optics. All skills rated 1-20 [1-2= Feeble, 3-5= Mediocre, 6-9= Competent, 10-14= Superior, 15-20= Heroic] Pistol = heroic, Bladed Weapons = superior, Thrown Weapons = competent Streetwise = heroic, Information Gathering = competent, Style = competent Ground car = competent, Medical = competent, General Knowledge = competent Athletics = competent, Jury Rig = feeble, Perception = superior, Tactics = heroic Savoire Faire = competent, Sleight-of-Hand = competent, Psychology = competent