Feb 032012

Jeff is the self-proclaimed leader for a number of streetkids, mainly based in the old luxury penthouses in the Docklands, abandoned after the Flood.

All aged between 5 and 15, they come in a variety of colours, races, creeds, languages and fashion styles. Abandoned by society, or runaways with nowhere else to go, they band together for protection and profit.

They’re involved in cartheft, mugging, prostitution, blackmail, datatheft. They also do surveillance work and hand-delivered couriers. They never get involved in drugs or wetwork.

Most are unarmed, but the elders [all of 13-15 years old] carry paintball guns loaded with contact tranqs. For the realbad times, they load the paintballs with acid.

Although Jeff is only 13, he’s been 13 for as long as anyone can remember. He watches over his Irregulars and has been known to take personal revenge with his cutthroat razor on anyone who harms them.

If you want to deal with him for biz, take him a book in good condition – you know, with static ink on static pages.