Feb 032012

Didja hear about what happened at The Tearoom, that tea and opium place they built into the old church ??

Seems like some out-of-towners went in as tea drinkers for a meeting, but just pulled out their premier grade bang-bang and started blasting when some of the local gangboys arrived for a inter-gang talk.

They got away in the panic and screaming, but none of the gangboys got dead, and several got holed and some of the staff, too.
I hear it was chaos and blood everywhere.

Now, The Tearoom is neutral territory for much of the gangboys and others around here…
…So Mr Wong, the old guy you see sipping tea and talking to people, is most upset and has put a reward for the heads of the gunbunnies involved.

The gangboys are calling a truce until its sorted…
…And I’m off to talk to a few people, while I lock’n’load and look forward to spending some of that reward money.