Feb 032012

Small group of bodysculpted and augmented individuals, led by Kristian – ex priest, ex soldier, all weird.

After serving as an army chaplain for several tours, he got it into his head that the Christ was actually a vampire, based on the “rising from the dead after three days”, “drink of my blood and eat of my flesh” stuff.

He’s gathered a tribe and they help people, as good people do.
All members have strength and co-ordination augmentation, optical enhancements and boosted healing.
Most unnerving of all, they can no longer eat solid food and must get their nutrition via blood – in true vampire style.

They have a congregation they feed on, who they feed with nutrients-enriched wine and wafers as part of the communion, so the blood they “drink” is enough to keep them going.
In addition, they all have bleach white skin and an aversion to sunlight [because of their skin bleaching].

Frequently misunderstood, they often work as teachers, streetpriests or negotiators.