Feb 032012

Emptor Caveat (buyer beware backward in Latin) a.k.a. Doug Martin is a retired social ops operative with a shop selling mainly electronics and weapons, but is willing to get anything the discerning costumer needs (given enough time and money.) There are a few fully built drones in display cases seemingly powered down in the store, and you are greeted by a happy chap standing behind the counter.

He is willing to sell you anything you want without asking questions or for your SIN and his merchandise is legit if not somewhat shady. If you begin to chat with him he has a few interesting runs that the party can do. High risk and high paying jobs that will allow him to expand his business ventures. Only when he truly trusts the party will he let them into the back room of the shop.

It is a fairly small dimly lit area where he is building drones and other experimental nick-nacks that sit on a shelf to the right of his workbench. A Japanese sword slightly covered in old blood hangs from the ceiling over his head, as well as an odd looking scale from a large creature, a targeting drone, a warped cyber arm, and a fully sealed metal box with a radiation sticker patched against it.

GM notes: This was once a powerful adept rigger/face who although always seems nice is a rude uncomplicated businessman. The chap at the front counter is actually a hologram made up to look exactly like him. The room is rigged with heavy amounts of explosives that is hooked up to a heartbeat monitor that will explode if he gets knocked out.

The drones in the glass cases are actually active drones, and will respond in force to any attack on the shop. The shop also will completely lock down and hidden gas canisters (containing NS, Pepper punch, IR smoke, Flash packs) after the drones open fire trying to puncture anyone wearing a fully sealed suit.

If that action fails the 15 (hidden) directional claymores located at the back of the wall of the shop will detonate, and Doug will try and escape out of one of the three hidden and monitored escape hatches he has at the back of his shop with as much of his stuff as he can after he escapes through the hatch all three hatches are then sealed.

Being a retired special ops chap he is extremely paranoid of other special ops operatives and what kind of enemies that might be after him.