Feb 032012

I was talking to one of my “associates” last week, whilst enjoying a few bevvies at the local waterin’ hole, and he was telling me about some work he’d done for a “friend”.

That was pretty yawnsome, but then he mentioned that as he was returning via one of them executive dirigibles he looked down and saw one of the old drilling platforms they used for drilling for gas or oil.

He could see people moving about and lights on, so he figured it was one of them converted ones…
…You know, datahaven or surface port for an aquology.

Thing is, he spent a few days looking for info about it and all he could find was stuff about how it’s been decommissioned and closed down.
As far as he could tell, it was meant to have been demolished because of “structural problems”.

I tried calling him yesterday, and he’s not answering his phone…