Feb 032012

I hear you’re in the market for a gunbunny.

Don’t bother with the loud and inept, I’ll deal with anything you want, quietly and smoothly.

You hear about that politician who had that car accident? That was me.
You hear about that judge, who changed his vote ? I had a hand in that.
You hear about that executive’s wife, found face down and dead in a platefull of sushi ? That was me, too.

Yah, I work alone.
But put me in a team, and give me a job to do and that’s all shiny with me, too.

You think I cost too much ?? How much do you want it done right ?? Quality costs.

Here’s my number – I’ll be waiting, for the next hour.


Female, mid 30s, small and petit, dark brown hair, cafe au lait skin, violet eyes.
All skills rated 1-20 [1-2= Feeble, 3-5= Mediocre, 6-9= Competent, 10-14= Superior, 15-20= Heroic]

Pistol = mediocre, Bladed weapons = superior, Thrown weapons = competent
Streetwise = superior, Information Gathering = superior, Style = competent
Ground Bike = competent, Chemistry = heroic, Medical = competent
Athletics = competent, Jury Rig = heroic, Perception = superior
Pharmaceuticals = competent, Savoire Faire = competent, Sleight-of-Hand = heroic